Christian Dior Spring 2012: Daytime Skirts and Elegant Dresses

Probably the most anticipated show of Paris Fashion Week this season was the Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012 presentation, and most importantly, it was a huge success. As many of you die-hard Dior fans (okay, I admit it – I’m one of you guys) and fashion conscious women may recall, last Christian Dior show was nothing short of a complete disappointment. Famous designer Bill Gaytten, who had worked under John Galliano for years, took over the line after John was fired, and produced a collection which astounded the minds of fashionistas with its incoherent and inconsistent nature. On the other hand, this haute couture line didn’t suffer the same curse. The line was beautifully elegant. Eye-catching sheer gowns closed the show. The line was made up of a mix of casual daytime shirts and skirts, along with dresses that looked as light as air. The one and only question left is: Exactly who will be permanently taking over for J.G.? Marc Jacobs? I keep my fingers crossed that this rumor is true.


  1. love the nude hues in this dior collection!! xo Lisa

  2. So nice post;)

  3. I like the looks you posted, but still not sure I like the collection as a whole. It’s not easy having to follow in the foosteps of Galliano.

  4. beautiful and elegant. not a lot of screaming OHMYGOD moments, but beautiful nonetheless!

  5. Love the looks. Well, most of them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey there..I die for coat in 3rd photo down…super chic!! you are on my blogroll girl!

    xo Lisa

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