Dualism between Matte and Glossy: Couture by Loredana Novotni

Loredana Novotni’s inspiration in her most recent work is based on the Japanese quotation, ‘black is modest and arrogant at the same time,’ and on the significance of black in pop culture. The concept of her work is based in the literary creations of the Mircea Eliade and Camil Petrescu, famous writers from Romania, works in which both have found beauty and inspiration in the contemplation of death and life in cosmic atmosphere. The designer interpreted the human condition in the world, and attempted to incorporate these observations into her beautiful creations. She uses elements of Romanian folk creation too, and it is important to say that the process for making her work was completely manual. The materials Novotni used included felt, glittery synthetic threads, mate, cotton yarns and lace. Each and every piece of the material was in a different shade of black. Her work explores the quality of black as being arrogant and modest simultaneously. This was done through not only combining different materials, textures and silhouettes, but also through dualism between glossy and matte and different tones of black. To carry out this work she collaborated with several designers.

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