Kermit Tesoro Hypertrophy Heels Add a Spooky Quality to an Outfit

Channel your inner freak with a pair of Kermit Tesoro Hypertrophy Shoes designed with the flesh & blood in mind (never thought I was going to say something like this). The fashion house is world-famous for moving the limits when it comes to edgy creations, and this anatomically correct heel is definitely no exception. In keeping with the Tesoro AW11 line, this bizarre shoe is designed to look like ripped flesh which is struggling to be held together down the front of the shoe with a wrapped tendon heel which supports the whole shoe. The timing is perfect as Halloween is upon us. So, add a freaky quality to any outfit with the Kermit Tesoro Hypertrophy Shoe. The design screams haute couture zombie!

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  1. So nice!

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