Mugler Spring 2012 Dresses: Cutouts in All the Provocative Places

As most of you are probably curious to find out, Lady Gaga didn’t make an appearance on the catwalk at the Mugler Spring 2012 show. Nonetheless, the show was really amazing. Moving on from the unpredictable Lady Gaga, this line was Nicola Formichetti’s second line for the fashion house, and while no one died, it was quite nice. The theme here - and at many other Spring Summer 2012 shows - seemed to be sexiness! Sparkly leggins and dresses which showed plenty of leg – and pretty much everything else - dominated the line that will most likely be lusted after by Lady G. impersonators world-wide. So, it is a narrow little cross section of the world which has both the body and the lifestyle for these clothes. But if Mugler's 170k (and counting) Facebook likes is any indication, plenty of other online fashionistas are paying attention. That is evidently good enough for the Mugler. I almost forgot, Lady Gaga did, on the other hand, show up in the opening video, singing “I am a Mugler woman; don’t fuck with me. Don’t fuck with Mugler. Welcome to Paris; we are Paris.” Perhaps it was written at the last minute. Not her best work, though as usual, it was not easy to take your eyes off her on the zillion inch screen.

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